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The NEOMED-LABS team of experts are dedicated scientists who will work closely with you and help you achieve your goals. Our wide scientific and regulatory experience, along with the love of our work, will ensure that you meet your objectives. Our experts have been working for several years with pharma, biotechs, and universities. Don’t hesitate to contact us to know more and to learn how we can help you progress your innovative products through the next clinical stage.

Steven Phay Tran M.Sc.

Scientist, Group Leader

Over 15 years of research experience in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Extensive expertise in immunology assay development and validation in the field of vaccines.

Julien St-Jean Ph.D.

Expert Scientist

Over 6 years of research experience in pharmaceutical companies and CROs. Extensive expertise in microbiology, virology and immunology and in immunology assay development and validation in various fields.

Alain Agnememel Ph.D​.

Scientist, Bacterial Functional

Microbiologist during more than 4 years at Pasteur Institute, Paris. His research activities cover the fields of chemical synthesis of peptides vaccines candidates against malaria and production of antibody for the development and validation of bacterial meningitis rapid diagnostic tools. Has a solid expertise in the development of functional assay (SBA and OPA) for evaluation of antibacterial vaccines immunogenicity. His actual research interests include development of a universal vaccine against meningococcal meningitis.