Services - Protein Optimization Services

NEOMED-LABS offers protein expression, characterization, and optimization services.

NEOMED-LABS possesses a department of dedicated and experienced scientists offering recombinant protein and expression optimization services for the generation of well-characterized biologics adapted to your needs. NEOMED-LABS can optimize your antigens to improve immunoassay efficiency and reproducibility, adapt them to the desired throughput, multiplexing, or other innovative technologies and thus reducing overall cost. In order to further study particular aspects of the immune response, a service of antigen modifications/truncations is also offered.

​Our team’s strengths:

  • Scientists with expertise in small biotechs as well as large pharmaceutical companies
  • Highly polyvalent and flexible, with innovative thinking, able to quickly deliver biologics
  • Personalized strategy adapted to your needs from short term to long term
  • Insurance of quality and consistency of delivered material best fitted to your key quality attributes
  • State-of-the-art equipment with adapted validation and maintenance

Our team’s strategy for projects:

  • Rational construct design and adapted expressions strategy based on your needs
  • Comparative evaluation of constructs to obtain the optimal recombinant protein for your assays
  • Multiple expression systems available (prokaryotic and eukaryotic)
  • Generation and selection of stable cell lines (including monoclonal antibodies)
  • Development of protein-specific purification strategies to reach the desired purity from key parameters
  • Early process evaluation to ensure feasibility and product consistency at different scales
  • Customized approach to rapidly provide orthogonal evaluation of protein-specific quality attributes